Behavioral Healthcare Services

We offer a wide range of State Approved Substance Abuse therapy, Group Sessions, Outpatient Therapy and much more. Knowledge is the key to everything. Let us help you acquire the tools you need to be successful in your quest towards sobriety.
DUI Services:
  • Court DUI Evaluations
  • Secretary of State Evaluations
  • Treatment Needs Assessments
  • Treatment Waivers
  • Court Alcohol/Drug Assessments
  • DUI Risk Education Classes
  • Early Intervention Programs
  • Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Minimal, Moderate, Significant & High Risk Treatment Programs
Helping Hand — Substance Abuse Treatment in Gurnee, IL
Our facilities are licensed by the State of Illinois to provide outpatient services.

LEVEL 0.5 Early Intervention - Clients without a clear diagnosis of Substance Abuse, but potential for problems are present.

LEVEL I Outpatients - Clients with a diagnosis of Substance Abuse, or Dependence who do not require a more intensive form of treatment to help them cope. Client contact is less than 9 hours per week.

LEVEL II STRUCTURED INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT - The Structured Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program is designed for the individual who has a diagnosis of Abuse or Dependency, and whose biopsycho-social assessment indicates no symptoms requiring hospitalization, or a referral to a residential environment.

IOP is based upon a model of therapeutic movement which has Two Phases
  • Phase I - Primary
The primary focus of this phase is to maximize the impact of therapy, provide intensive support, and supply a healthy alcohol /drug free environment in which an individual can initiate the recovery process.

Client Contact is a minimum of nine (9) hours per week for eight weeks. Group Sessions are a minimum of three (3) hours in length.
  • Phase II - Continuing Care Program
A clinical program for: relapse prevention; addressing unresolved treatment plan issues; enhancing coping skills; providing ongoing support; and monitoring support system involvement.

Individual and/or group counseling sessions are provided once a week for 6 weeks and then once a month for 4 months. Continuing care counseling can be individualized to meet the client's early recovery needs.
Accepted Insurance BlueCross, Blue Shield, UBH, and United Health Care and CIGNA